Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Intelligent Messaging Filtering, Outlook and SCL tips - updated

If you've been using or looking at Intelligent Messaging Filtering for Exchange 2003 you've probably heard about SCL (Spam Confidence Level). SCL is a basically a "rating system" that on a scale from -1 (only used for authenticated users) to 10 will tell Outlook or OWA whether or not the e-mail should be moved to the Junk E-mail folder (Depending on the users settings) - the problem is that the SCL isn't viewable from Outlook, which is very interesting for you as an administrator when evaluating how to set your thresholds in IMF. Paul Bowden from Microsoft has created a Outlook Configuration file that will do the job of exposing SCL in Outlook 2003 and it's posted by James Webster here. If you're planning on implementing IMF (Which in my experience is very easy) I would also recommend that you look at the updated readme file that includes important known issues and updates to the IMF deployment guide. Furthermore if you plan on using the archiving features of IMF I would recommend that you take a look at the IMF Archive Manager that will enable you to easily view, delete and resubmit the archived e-mails. IMF Archive Mangager is posted at gotdotnet as a shared source tool (Written in C#).


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IMFcompanion helps Exchange administrators to verify the results of the IMF functions in Exchange 2003. Since version 1.7 came around, it also reveals the SCL-rating.